Sunday, January 30, 2011

BostonHerald interviews Michael Trevino

Amy Amatangelo of BostonHerald interviewed Michael Trevino about what's next for the rest of the season with Tyler.
"There will be another full moon in Mystic Falls before the second season of the hit series is over. “As far as the transformation goes, I’m hoping it’s not anything like our first one. Let’s make some noises, cut to the moon, and cut down to wolf,” he said and then laughed."

Source: BostonHerald

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Vampire Diaries (2.13) 'Daddy Issues' Short and Extended Promo

The Vampire Diaries 2x13 Daddy Issues Extended Promo

The Vampire Diaries Promo 2x13 - Daddy Issues Short Promo

Source: YoutubeUsers: TheVDFans , Mil2aCle

The Vampire Diaries (2.15) "The Dinner Party" Synopsis

The CW has released an official description for the Feb. 17 episode of The Vampire Diaries.Thank you, @kryptonsite of twitter for the heads up.

"STEFAN TELLS ELENA ABOUT HIS DARKEST DAYS — Stefan (Paul Wesley) tells Elena (Nina Dobrev) about a dark time in his history and the surprising person whose influence changed everything. After getting the truth out of Luka (guest star Bryton James), Jonas (guest star Randy Goodwin) makes his feelings clear to Bonnie (Katerina Graham) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). Trying to catch Elijah (guest star Daniel Gillies) off-guard, Damon arranges a dinner party for him with Jenna (Sara Canning), Alaric (Matt Davis) and Andie (guest star Dawn Olivieri), but last-minute information throws Damon’s plan into chaos. Marcos Siega directed the episode written by Andrew Chambliss (#215)."


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Michael Ausiello Exclusive: Klaus

Thank you Michael Ausiello for always having this huge news first.

"Sources confirm to me exclusively that English thesp Joseph Morgan is nearing a deal to play the oft-referred-to-but-never-seen member of the Originals."

Source: TVLine

KTLA: Video interview with Michael Trevino

This interview occurred this morning on KTLA and they also showed some clips from tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries.



Examiner L.A. interviews Michael Trevino

Check out @danielletbd of twitter latest interview with Michael Trevino of The Vampire Diaries.

"Trevino told us that Tyler and Caroline definitely try to prove that vampires and werewolves cannot only co-exist but have real relationships with each other, though he admitted the emphasis may be on “try.” Continue reading the rest of this interview over at Examiner


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Collider: Kevin Williamson:"At the end of the season, everyone won’t be standing, I’m sad to say."

The Collider's interview with Kevin Williamson is full of information about upcoming episodes, relationships, and much more.

Will you have the first show with a vampire-werewolf relationship?

WILLIAMSON: We certainly have a friendship brewing with Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino). We’ve already sort of done that. But, whether or not it goes to the next level remains to be seen. Hopefully, that’s what we’ll lead to. If it’s not them, hopefully it will be somebody.

Will the werewolf-vampire tensions drive Caroline and Tyler apart?

WILLIAMSON: Yeah, 100%. In the very next episode, things begin to unfold in a way that doesn’t bode well for their budding relationship and their friendship. Tyler starts asking questions, and we’ll see that blow open. And, don’t forget there’s Matt (Zach Roerig) waiting over there, in the middle. There’s a little triangle there as well, with a human, a vampire and a werewolf. Tyler got through his transformation and Caroline was there for him, and they have this kinship now, of this curse. Now, we take it to the next level and play it out. It’s very tragic. I wish I could just squeal and tell you everything that’s going to happen, but over the next three episodes, it gets tragic.

Source: Collider

TV Squad chats with Michael Trevino

Check out TV Squads latest interview with Michael Trevino about tomorrow and upcoming new episodes.
"We know that there's going to be a "violent confrontation" with the werewolves in episode 13 and some fallout in episode 14. Can you tell us which side Tyler is going to be on in the showdown?
[Laughs] That's interesting because he's learning so much right now that he's probably just right in the middle. He's right in the middle of it all and just figuring out who's lying, who's telling the truth, who means well, who doesn't. That's where he's at, which is weird because at the end of the day he is a werewolf. He has transformed. But, he's right in the middle because his relationship with Caroline is really close."
You can read the rest of this interview over at TVSquad

Source: TV Squad

TV Line: Michael Trevino talks about Tyler's journey in the next few episodes

Michael Trevino has been getting a lot of press lately and I'm so happy about that because he deserves it.

“We’re going into a love triangle with Caroline, Matt and Tyler,” he teases. “But given the circumstances, I don’t think it’s anything that [Tyler or Caroline] are pursuing; it’s just happened. Organically, something is happening between them, and in turn, it makes for a lot of awkwardness between Matt and Tyler.”
Sadly, the awkwardness carries on, making Tyler’s only other friend (besides Caroline) the mysterious new wolf-chick, Jules (Michaela McManus). And sure, she seems a little devious thus far, but Trevino assures TVLine that she’s not as nasty as she seems." Read the rest of this interview over at TVline.

Source: TV line

Zap2it: Ian Somerhalder talks Damon and Elena

I'm sure all of the Delena fans will be going even more crazy after this interview.  Enjoy. :)
Source: Zap2it

TVChick: Candice Accola on set interview

 Onset interview with Candice Accola by TVChick

Source: TVChick

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TVChick interviews Katerina Graham

Katerina Graham talks about her upcoming kiss with Jeremy and much more in this interview.
"Are we going to keep seeing a bit of a Luka/Bonnie/Jeremy love triangle?
You’ll definitely see more of Luka, and you’ll definitely see more of Jeremy and I love that triangle. I love that they’re exploring that part of Bonnie because I think mostly her exploration and her evolution has really been her family and her history and her witch-isms. But it hasn’t at all really been romantic so –

It’s nice to see her get a love interest.
Yeah, it is.

And in a recent episode we heard your cover of “I’m Only Happy When It Rains.
Yeah! It’s just a fun cover. I’ve been a fan of Garbage since I was a kid and I wasn’t trying to steal their shine — I’m just a fan, doing a song."  Make sure to read the rest of this interview over at TVChick

Source: TVChick

EW: Tyler Lockwood chat

Thank you @CW_VampDiaries of twitter for the heads up. I love this whole interview and the spoilers Michael dishes out.
“We have Tyler, who is a werewolf, who becomes very close to a vampire [Candice Accola's Caroline], who he thinks is the only vampire in town. And then he starts to actually like her. And then once he finds out the truth, he feels a little bit betrayed by her. But then he also wants to hear out Stefan [Paul Wesley], and how he’s saying we can coexist. And then you have Jules and Brady [the friend of Tyler's dearly departed Uncle Mason who Jules was chatting with on the phone in the last episode who soon arrives in town], who are like, ‘No, don’t listen to them. You don’t want any part of that. This is the way it’s supposed to be. We’re not supposed to be friends with them. You shouldn’t be this close to Caroline. Trust me, it’s not good for you.’ So after all this, all these people coming into Tyler’s head, he has to make a move: What does he want to do? Which way is he gonna live?”

Make sure to tune into this Thursdays all new episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Credit: CW_VampDiaries

E! Online: Michael Trevino chats about Tyler and Caroline's kiss and the upcoming Were/Vamp conflict

Thank you @VampireEyesBlog of twitter for the heads up. Michael Trevino talks about the much anticipated kiss between Tyler and Caroline that will happen in this weeks all new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Read below for some more incite and make sure to head over to E!Online to read the rest of the interview. Also, happy birthday Michael Trevino!

"As for the coming conflict between the werewolves and vampires, "The truth comes out is really all I can say. The truth finally comes out. It's all put out there once this information comes out...and some relationships change." Ruh-roh. We're sensing that there might be a schism coming between Tyler and Team Salvatore, meaning all the people who have kept Stefan and Damon's secret and collaborated with them, including Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Bonnie (Katerina Graham)."Read the rest of this interview over at E! Online

Source: E!Online
Credit: VampireEyesOnline

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tyler Lockwood Promo Pic

Source: CW / @HeyJude012
Thank you @IHearttvd of twitter for the heads up on the promo pic of Michael Trevino who plays Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries.

Michael Trevino at Naya Rivera's Bday party in Vegas. Hopefully more pics soon!

Here is one picture and TooFab has a bit more where you can see Michael to the side. I will keep searching for more and hopefully update this post later.

Source: TooFab

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vampire Diaries: Katerina Graham talks Jeremy, Damon, and much more with Zap2it

I love Katerina Graham! I'm so excited to see where Bonnie will be going this part of the season and how she'll deal with her powers.


Thank you @cadlymack of twitter for the tvd exclusive coverage!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vampire Diaries (2.14) "Crying Wolf" Stills

 Two stills have been released for the upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries "Crying Wolf". Thank you, Vampire-Site as always.

Source: Vampiresite
Credit: TheCW

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vampire Diaries: Stefan promo poster

The return of The Vampire Diaries is only in a few more days. Hopefully we will see more promo posters and may be even some webclips!

Source: TheCW

Glee: Chris Colfer and Darren Criss rock the cover of Entertainment Weekly!

Thank you @GleekShelly of twitter for posting this image! This cover is so epic and I hope all of the Glee fans enjoy this!

Credit: @Gleekshelly
Source: EW

Glee: Thriller Mash Up and much more from this E Online article

E! Online has a post with various new songs sneak peeks. So click the image to head on over to see the awesome scoop Kristen D Santos got for all of us Gleeks!
Source: E!Online

The Vampire Diaries promo from ITV2

 Thank you @tvdnews for the heads up on the promo and especially for providing the link for all of us fans who couldn't see the original one because we're in another country. This promo includes some scenes from next weeks episode. Enjoy.

Credit: Youtube user Karark3

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kristen of E! interviews Nina Dobrev

Thank you @tvdnews for the heads up. Nina Dobrev  talks about season 2 and much more in this interview from E!.

Source: E! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Vampire Diaries (2.13) 'Daddy Issues" Stills

Team Lockwood! I'm super excited for this episode for some lockwood action!

Source: VampireSite

The Vampire Diaries: Daniel Gillies talks Elijah and much more with EW.

I'm so happy that Daniel Gillies has finally been interviewed!
Image Credit: Quantrell Colbert/TheCW

"ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: All you really knew about Elijah when you auditioned was that he was an older vampire and incredibly dangerous. What did you bring to the character?
DANIEL GILLIES: I didn’t want him to sound like an American. I remember thinking, I know that this guy’s been living in the States for a couple hundred years, but he’s probably somebody who travels to Europe frequently, probably speaks 10 or 12 languages, including some extinct languages. I wanted him to sound a little bit like Kelsey Grammer [laughs], if that makes any sense. I wanted him to sound like old money from the United States, because I also thought that it lent a weight and, dare I say, dignity to his character, without being too foppish or overly gentrified. I thought there would be a danger in him the more elegant he was. I didn’t see him as a grimacing, arch, mustache-twirling guy ever. I think that’s how some people might have seen him, and I think that was a mistake. I always liked those men who didn’t really do terribly much, but did an enormous amount of damage. He’s much more economical than most. I like the idea that he had economy of movement, of words, of action, of everything." Read the rest of this interview over at EW

Source: EW
Credit: TheCW 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Vampire Diaries "Daddy Issues" Official Synopsis

Thank you @tvdnews for the heads up on the official synopsis for episode 13 of The Vampire Diaries titled "Daddy issues".

"CHOOSING SIDES— Johnathan Gilbert’s (guest star David Anders) return to Mystic Falls comes as an unhappy surprise to Elena, Jenna and Damon. Caroline lets Stefan know about her conversation with Tyler, and Stefan does his best to reach out to a confused and conflicted Tyler. Jeremy comforts Bonnie after her disturbing conversation with Jonas (guest star Randy Goodwin). When Jules (guest star Michaela McManus) takes a hostage, the situation quickly escalates into a violent confrontation."

Sources/Credit: TVDNEWS, TheCW

Monday, January 10, 2011

Entertainment Tonight: Katerina Graham OP Campaign among Glee,Hellcats, and other stars

Thank you for the youtube heads up! Katerina Graham will be featured in the Ocean  Pacific Campaign among other stars.


I believe this may be the first time a main TVD cast member has been featured on Entertainment Tonight. However, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Source: Lovelysucks , YoutubeUserMiriviel1

The Vampire Diaries "The Descent" Stills.

Thank you @IHearttvd for the heads up on these Descent Stills from @kryptonsite of twitter.


Credit: @Kryptonsite

Friday, January 7, 2011

Vampire Diaries February Sweeps Poster.

Just saw this awesome image tweeted by the tvd spoiler twitter. Should be interesting to see what the poster means by "Look out Damon your emotions are showing". Hurry up Jan 27!


The Official Synopsis (2.12)

Thank you @TVDNEWS the number 1 source for The Vampire Diaries.
"DOOM, GLOOM AND PERSONAL GROWTH — Stefan has his own ideas about Elena’s new plan for the future. While Damon tries to get the truth out of Jules, he asks Elena to keep an eye on Rose, a situation that turns unexpectedly dangerous. Caroline and Matt try to be honest about their feelings for one another, and Tyler’s reaction to Caroline’s generosity comes as a surprise to her. Damon struggles to hide his true feelings when a life-and-death crisis hits him harder than he expected."

Credit: , TheCW