Friday, July 30, 2010

MTV Hollywood crush! We will find out the mystery of Elena's doppleganger factor?!

There has been so much information coming out since last Saturday's Comic Con panel of The Vampire Diaries. MTV Hollywood crush did an interview with Kevin Williamson and Steven R Mcqueen and now we are apparently going to find out in season 2 why Elena looks like Katherine.

Source: MTV Hollywood crush

Allison Iraheta - Don't Waste The Pretty ft Orianthi

I'm so amazed at how far Allison has come since season 8 of American Idol. Last night on the show "So You Think You Can Dance", Allison performed "Don't Waste The Pretty" with the amazing guitarist and singer Orianthi. A dream duet come into reality. These girls should honestly create their on duo group.

Source: ZAP2IT

Credit: Thank you ZAP2IT for posting this awesome performance!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mystic Falls goes Viral?!

I have a feeling there is something more to this site than meets the eye. I would assume this site could also possibly be used in scenes during the show as well. Also, I want to thank tvdnews for tweeting the Comic Con TV Guide special edition. This site has a lot of simple information about mystic falls and gives you an interesting look to the place.

Source: Mystic Falls

Hollywood Crush video interview with Paul, Michael, and Matt / TV Guide article interview with Julie Plec

Paul and Matt Davis are so freaking hilarious! OH LORD!!! Don't get me started on those dam purple pants! I'm so excited for this transformation with the werewolves because this season is going to be Lockwood take over.

Interview from TV GUIDE with Julie Plec can be found here.

Source: MTV Hollywood Crush , TV Guide

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Michael Trevino's interview with the CW Source

I LOVE how the reporter brings up "The fans want to see Tyler with Bonnie". I'm hoping that this will come true because it would be amazing.

Source: CW WB

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exclusive 'Vampire Diaries' video: Who's getting an 'unlikely' new love interest?!

Hilarious interviews with Nina, Paul, Matt, Ian, Kevin, Steven, Michael, and Julie!

Two hilarious interviews between these cast members and producers. I found myself most interested in the interview with Julie, Kevin, Michael, and Steven, which is absolutely hilarious and they discussed a lot of new information. Go on and head over to EW

Thank you, Michael Ausiello

Source: EW

Three Glee male stars to Co-host the Teen Choice Awards with Katy Perry!

I'm really excited that Chris Colfer, Mark Salling, and Cory Monteith will be co-hosting the Teen Choice Awards because this will put the Glee stars more into the spotlight. I'm also really hoping these three Glee guys will perform at the Teen Choice Awards to show all the other network stars how it's done!

Source: HollywoodCrush

Episode 7 Jason Blues! Latest episode of our podcast The Salvatore Council

"Posted in Vampire Diaries, Podcast by salvatorecouncil on July 21st, 2010

Episode 7 is finally up for your streaming/dl-ing pleasure.

The lovely Tasha joins us this week on our discussion panel, as we discuss all things TVD.

P.S. And not to worry, Jason will be back next episode.

Thanks for listening - enjoy, and please remember to rate and comment"

I was unable to make this episode because of personal reasons. Thank you for all of the support.

Source: SalvatoreCouncil

Digital Spy's interview with Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson discusses where season 2 will pick up.

Credit: Thank you @IheartTVD for the heads up!

Source: Digital Spy

Jim Halterman's interview with Michael Trevino on The Comic Con Red Carpet.

Nice interview!! Also, thank you Jim for responding to my tweet and letting me know about this!!!

Source: TheFutonCritic

Credit: TY Jim for sending me this tweet and also thank you Tasha aka @IHeartTVD on twitter for giving me the heads up on this as well!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Keck's Exclusives: Q&A with Vampire Diaries Executive Producers Williamson and Plec

AMAZING interview with plenty of spoilers!!
"TV Guide Magazine: What about another Halloween episode?
Williamson: We're not looking at the show as if a whole year has passed, but we will have an episode timed to Halloween, which will be a huge masquerade ball that we're now thinking of as a possible two-parter. S--t will hit the fan."

"TV Guide Magazine: What will your werewolves look like?
Williamson: Wolves, and we'll show them transform. But not right away. And I think on True Blood their werewolves transform at will, whereas Tyler is bound by the full moon. Once a month he can't control it."

Source: more can be found here at TV GUIDE

Credit: TY Tasha aka @IHeartTVD on twitter for giving pretty much EVERYONE the heads up on this!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Teaser

Two words: HOLY SHIT

Source: Youtube

Zap2It interview with Michael Trevino at Comic Con

Michael discusses Mason Lockwood, love interest, and the situation with Tyler.


I'm so happy that Michael is finally getting a lot of press and I'm sure there is more to come.

Credit/Source: Zap2IT

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic Con pictures

Steven R Mcqueen and Kevin Williamson

Steven R Mcqueen with the cast of Piranha

Kevin Williamson and Michael Trevino!

Steven R Mcqueen (left) and Michael Trevino (Right)

Michael Trevino interview with Clevvertv

Michael's HILARIOUS interview with clevvertv! There is some hilarious chemistry when the lady refers to the movie "The Hang over" right before Michael even says it haha.

Source: Clevvertv

Comic-Con madness!!!

Just a few pictures that have been found of the cast.

Michael Trevino has diffidently been working hard for his werewolf role because now he is ripped!

Cadley Mack just tweeted a photo with the Twilight star Kellen Lutz and two TVD stars Michael Trevino and Matt Davis.

Friday, July 23, 2010

CNN teams up with The Vampire Diaries cast for Comic Con

According to this video CNN is teaming up with the Vampire Diaries cast to have fans send in video questions that will be answered at Comic Con. Also, can I just say Ian, Nina, and Paul look absolutely GORGEOUS!

Credit Tasha also known as @IHeartTVD on twitter!! Thank you for the heads up.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoiler. New Character


"Question: Vampire Diaries scoop, pretty please with a Smurf on top? —Randi
Ausiello: New-blood alert! The show is casting the potentially recurring role of Vanessa, a very attractive, smart, young grad student who assists Damon and Alaric with their werewolf research at Alaric’s alma mater, Duke University."

Source EW Michael Ausiello

The Vampire Diaries "There Goes The Neighborhood"

Tonight on the CW episode 16 of the Vampire Diaries, "There Goes The Neighborhood" will re-air at 8 PM est. This episode is the beginning of a few story lines throughout the rest of the season.

Synopsis: "Anna brings a surprising guest along when she pays a visit to Damon. Elena and Stefan go on an awkward double date with Caroline and Matt, but Stefan and Matt find they have some common ground. Jenna reunites with her old friend Kelly, and Jeremy's relationship with Anna takes an unexpected direction."

Credit: yahoo

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vampires Suck: Trailer =Hilarious

This movie is a parody mixture of the first "Twlight" movie and the second movie "New Moon" by the creators of other parody movies such as Scary Movie and Disaster movie. I have big hopes for this movie because it seems like it's going to be very hilarious and already has 2+ million views just within the week of it's posting on youtube. It would have more views except random people on youtube kept re-uploading it and getting 1+ million views almost within two days.

Source: Youtube

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vampire Diaries re-run A Few Good Men

"Matt and Caroline are surprised by the sudden reappearance of Matt's mother Kelly. Stefan and Elena are worried about Damon's new attitude. Damon is asked by Sheriff Forbes to take part in a fund-raising bachelor auction. Alaric discovers shocking secrets from his own past. With help from Jenna and Stefan, Elena is determined to find out everything she can about her birth mother, but the truth may be more than she can handle."

Aww yes... Melinda Clarke who played Julie Cooper in "The O.C." comes to Mystic Falls!!

Credit: yahoo for the synopsis

Comic-Con: Warner Brothers bags

Warner Brothers has officially put out the beautiful design of The Vampire Diaries Comic Con bag, which is one of 11 choices Comic Con attendee's will get to choose when they walk in.

I totally wish I could attend Comic Con this year, but like others unfortunately I will not be able too. However, I do have friends who will be attending the event so hopefully they get to ask some awesome Vampire Diaries questions to the cast members who will be attending.

I'm expecting a lot of video, image, and article coverage from the event. Woot!

Credit: TVDNEWS , CW

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kaylie Brooke's inspiring V-Log about Friendship and bringing The Vampire Diaries fans together.

"We Met Through The Vampire Diaries"

I am so happy that someone has finally brought up some of the issues within The Vampire Diaries fan community. For example, Kaylie Brooke brought up people fighting because of information, whose site is better,or even people expressing negative thoughts towards others about information stolen. I believe situations like this shouldn't tear people apart and that we all should be friends and try our best to support each other within The Vampire Diaries community. However, I don't believe it's right for someone to steal information from someone's site and a good way to avoid that scenario would be to credit their site as a source and give them a heads up. Kaylie Brooke is a beautiful and thoughtful person who shows she cares about what's going on in the community and I really hope The Vampire Diaries fans can come together and not only watch her V-Log, but understand that it's important that we have a positive outlook and continue to support the amazing cast, crew, and writers of The Vampire Diaries.

Credit: Twitter: Kaylie Brooke
Credit: Here is here V-log

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Michael Trevino tweeted a chilling pic of the possible werewolf in season 2

When I saw Michael Trevino tweet this picture I literally got chills from it. If this is what the werewolf might be like..than we might all be freaking out.

The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 1 title, "The Return", Confirmed!

Ian tweeted this amazing photo of The Vampire Diaries season 2 cover page of the script.

"The Return" is most likely referencing Katherine's return to Mystic Falls. I'm sure everyone is even more hyped up and fueled with anxiety for more coverage this week from the tvd set.

Perez Hilton informs MTV about Katerina Graham's hot song "Sassy"

About a week or two ago Katerina Graham's song "Sassy" hit Itunes and twitter along with various media sites went crazy over it! Perez Hilton has been a huge supporter of Katerina Graham and he not only has 3+million followers on twitter,which he let know about "Sassy", but he also is known around the world. I'm so happy for Katerina Graham and I hope her career keeps getting bigger.

Check the article out along with the video on MTV.

Source: MTV

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mason Lockwood Announced!

Mason lockwood announced
Previous Trauma Star Taylor Kinney has won the role of Mason Lockwood. Goodness... Kevin/Julie sure do know how to cast!

"Thus Millions of fan girls and some fanguys scream across the world"

Credit: Michael Ausiello!

Friday, July 9, 2010

HUGE Spoiler casting news.

According to a new character is in the works.

"Carter (Posted 7/9/10): Casting is currently underway for the role of Carter, a "handsome and rugged" African-American carnival worker who flirts with Bonnie and picks a fight with Tyler. The role is said to be shooting between July 23 and August 3."

Could this also be foreshadowing a relationship between Tyler and Bonnie? I guess we'll have to just sit tight and see.

Source: , Showfax, also my good friend Disturbia for letting me know about this!

OooOOoO!! Damon Trailer

A new trailer released about Damon from the CW...interesting. It's nice to know all of the cast are back here in Atlanta ready to start filming in the coming week.

Credit: Tasha @IHeartTVD on twitter for the heads up!
Credit: Also to the CW for posting a wonderful video. (Interesting that Waschal made a video similiar to this back in January..may be the CW got the idea from her?)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I had absolutely no clue about these rumors...

Apparently there are rumors going around that Taylor Lautner will be in the next X-men movie. However, according to E-Online it's apparently false.

I honestly can't wait to see what Taylor does next in movies besides Twilight. I really want to see him act in a different role..should be quite interesting as well as exciting!!! Team Taylor!!!

Source: E-Online

Monday, July 5, 2010

Eclipse Movie breaks records!!!!

LOS ANGELES — “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” drew an estimated $161 million out of North American theaters in its first five days of release, a spectacular if not quite record-breaking result."

Credit: New York Times

This is absolutely amazing!! I also just want to go ahead and announce that I finished reading Breaking Dawn and that the whole twilight series has absolutely changed everything for me! I loved every book and I just can't describe the brilliance of Bella's friendship/love with Jacob and her love for Edward.

My favorite quote out of the whole series when Bella has her daughter on Jacob is when she says she loves him and Edward says to him "Goodbye, Jacob, my son"...I mean just to see Edward and Jacob's friendship bloom in the end is absolutely magnificent.

So I say..thank you Stephenie Meyer for bring this amazing series to everyone's attention and allowing all readers and new comers to this great book/movie series a chance to feel,experience, and see into the beyond.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A so called Tweet script by SalvatoreCast at The Hub Con.

Spoilers etc about Tyler in season 2/Other information

@Salvatorecast Michael's Q&A should start in the next 30mins.

@Salvatorecast Few mins until Michael time. Or shall I say Dubstep time? XD #TVDozcon

@Salvatorecast Michael Q&A finished. Said he would love to be on Dexter, there'll be a love interest in S2 and yes loves the dubstep (no demo) #TVDozcon

@Salvatore Michael would also love more flashbacks re: Tyler's ancestors and that if he could be any other char it'll be Damon #TVDozcon

@Salvatorecast Confirmed also was that the cast will start filming S2 in a couple of days time #TVDozcon

Credit to Tealey of our wonderful podcast Salvatore council!

Also Credit to Tasha for creating the wonderful word "Tweetscript" XD!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Re-run- The Vampire Diaries "Lost Girls" Tonight at 8 pm est. Only on the CW

Tonight's episode displays one of my least favorite moments because of a certain characters death (don't want to spoil new fans :D). However, I'm sure there are a lot of people who would state "Lost Girls" is one of the fan favorites hehe.

Synopsis: "Elena demands that Stefan explain the frightening events that have been happening in Mystic Falls. In flashbacks, Stefan explains how his rivalry with Damon began. Back in the present, Damon impulsively takes control of Vicki's future, and a confused and frightened Vicki runs away. Finally, Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood take steps to protect the town."
By clicking the image you can see the promo for the episode :)!!
I hope everyone enjoys tonight's rerun of this episode!
Trailer Credit: CW
Synopsis Credit: Yahoo